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The world of work is changing. Evolving your skills with certificates and certifications is an important element to remaining employable and confident at work.

Sandy Slager,
Skye Learning President

Skye Learning is a division of MindEdge Learning, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, which has been producing online courses and building relationships with professional credentialing authorities for more than twenty years. Founded by Harvard and MIT educators, MindEdge courses have served more than 1.5 million learners.

Skye was launched to meet the demands of a changing world of work, where learners need training they can monetize—certificates, certifications, and on-going professional development credits. Skye is the new face of a learner-tested online training library with a focus on quality content, exceptional user experience, and concise learning that respects your time.

Skye Learning was born from the idea that education and training can and should help you future-proof your career. But not just any courseware can do that. Courses that offer on-going professional development credit, credentialing, and certification exam prep can be monetized quickly, helping you advance up the ladder in your career.

Skye Learning offers free resources, a research tool for business certifications, and access to hundreds of online courses to help you earn credit and monetize that credit in the workplace. Courses are carefully curated by experts and are user-friendly, engaging, and accessible.

  • Earn credit
  • Get certified
  • Make more money

What's the Difference between a Certificate and a Certification?

Skye Learning offers certificates in a number of categories, as well as certification exam prep courses. Certificates and certifications are not one in the same. So, what's the difference? The video below will help clear it all up.


Skye Learning affiliations

Skye Learning's parent company, MindEdge Learning, has well-established relationships with the following professional development credit organizations. After taking a course, you will be granted a Certificate of Achievement with all necessary information for claiming your earned credits.

HR Certification Institute Logo
Authorized Provider Logo
Continuting Professional Education Logo
Project Management Institute Logo
Comptia Logo
Course Satisfaction > 96%
Number of Courses 200+
Number of Learners 1,000,000+


Katia N. S.


Leading and Managing Change

"This was an excellent course in both content and delivery. I found it easy to use, challenging but not overwhelming."

Laurent V.


PMP Exam Prep Course (5th Edition)

"Fantastic course and very well designed tool."

Gloria B.


Business Ethics in the 21st Century

"The Case Studies were challenging and made me think particularly on the level of my own work experiences. I appreciate that."

Devindranauth B.


Effective Business Writing

"This course provided useful information and exercises that aid in grasping key concepts while at the same time being able to apply what was learnt."

Paolo P.


Six Sigma Basics

"This course has definitely explained the key concepts of Six Sigma, and will help me implement new approaches in my current work activities."

Lydia S.


Project Management Team Leadership

"Lovely course, very helpful. Thank you for this course as I'm already seeing benefits of following the guidelines mentioned to help in my own current work situations."

Jesse B.


Six Sigma Green Belt Exam

"Very helpful, I enjoyed the stat review and exposure to some of the tools I have either not seen or having passing familiarity with."

Kehinde O.


Effective Negotiations

"Very nice. I particularly like the video commentary. Brings the issues to life!"

Larry B.


Six Sigma Basics

"Well organized and concise. The exercises and videos reinforces the material presented earlier in the modules."